IKEA 'Start the Car!' is chosen by TIFF as one of the top 10 essential ads of Canadian Cinema History.

A 200 member cross-country wide panel at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) recently compiled a list of the 150 essential films of Canadian cinema history, including the top ten most influential Canadian ads. I was pleased to learn that IKEA 'Start the Car!' was chosen alongside other iconic tv spots like Dove 'Evolution', the Molson Canadian 'Rant' and Tropicana 'Arctic Sun'.

I created the IKEA spot with Andrew Bradley back in 2005 at an advertising agency called, Zig and we never thought it be a part of history. Congratulations to all the other spots that made the list. It’s a huge honour to be part of it. ‘Start the Car!’ and the entire 150 list will be part of the Canada's 150th Anniversary celebrations, starting in April of 2017.

List of the 150 Essential Works in Canadian Cinema History

IKEA 'Start the Car!'

Director: Mark Gilbert, DOP: Tico Paulakakis, Editor: Leo Zaharatos, Music: Ted Rosnick, Transfer: Technicolor

Zig: Andy Macaulay, Elspeth Lynn, Lorraine Tao, Shelley Brown, Christine Harron, Janet Woods, Sharon Nelson

IKEA: Cass Hall, Nandini Ventakesh, Ravi Krishnan